Central to LawSoc’s Access to Law is its nationwide mentorship program. In partnership with Secondary schools around the country, we hold monthly mentorship sessions with Transition Year Students. These sessions pair Secondary school students with University and Professional mentors, the aim of which is to pique student interest in the Law and to make them aware of the different modes of entry to University education. 

In the first week of mentorship, students are invited to discuss philosophical and legal issues, including the Trolley Problem, and case analysis, touching on issues such as Constitutional Rights, Contract law, and Tort Law. Students are given a real taster in the opening week of what a legal degree entails – expression of opinion, analysis of complex material, and navigation of moral issues. 

In the subsequent weeks, students are given a chance to engage in practical advocacy. They are taught the ins and outs of a Mock Trial, and given numerous real world examples of trial material. In the final weeks of mentorship, all participating schools compete against each other in a Grand Mock Trial. 

Outside of the mentorship sessions, students are invited to link in with the peer mentors at any time. They can ask them questions, look for guidance, or even just get in touch for a chat. As well as this, the Access to Law committee works throughout the year on an Access to Law Booklet, which highlights all modes of entry to University as well as all the different Access routes available for those wishing to pursue not only an education in Law, but University Education as a whole.